Two men walk into a bar... actually they walked into BrandQuest

Published On
May 17, 2024

Two men walk into a bar...

Well, actually they walked into BrandQuest’s Sydney office

Referred by business friends, whose advice they respected.

Their mission?

To disrupt the industry they had both worked in for the past 20 or more years with a new business, a new brand.

The industry? 

Australia's booming insurance building rectification category.

And like many entrepreneurs they had already settled on the name fort heir new business:

The name?

Insurance Specialist Building

What they wanted from BrandQuest was a brand strategy to launch their business onto the Australian building insurance market. 

As part of the recommended Brand Strategy, BrandQuest' pushed back' on their choice of name for the new business.

To support this push-back - from a name that simply captured the category - in favour of a brand that would stand for much more,BrandQuest posed the questions:


“Would Coca-cola have become the brand it is today had they called themselves 'Refreshing soft drink?”


“Would Rolex have become the brand it is today had they called themselves 'Incredibly accurate timepiece?"


“Would Porsche have become the brand it is today had they called themselves 'High Performance sports cars?"


...and so BrandQuest proposed the following name:




A compound name (some may call it a portmanteau) of two words; 'Correct' and 'Rectify'. 

Correct, which is to repair or adjust something to its former being, andt he word Rectify which accurately sums up the process.

And so CORRECTIFY became the Brand, and the brand became their business.

And the descriptor; INSURANCE SPECIALIST BUILDERS became the tagline that supported and defined the brand name.

Moral of this story?


Some say that a good portmanteau is something that sounds like it was a word already.

Some of the biggest brand names of all time are actually portmanteaus. For instance, Microsoft is a combination of micro-process and software.

This means it will sound natural to the customers, and is therefore a brand they will become easily familiar with ie; CORRECTIFY

Just like CORRECTIFY, some of the most effective portmanteau brand names work because they describe what the brand does.

Pinterest allows you to collect your interests on a pinboard.Netflix lets you watch flix (films) on the internet. 

Since 2017, BrandQuest have created over 20 new brandnames and over 50 refreshed (rebrands)for international, national and state-based companies.

New brands such as ADBRI and KELSIAN for ASX listed companies. ASURIA and LUTUM for national and international clients, along with THE MAC, DIAXION, APROPELA, PAYREQ, QUANTIPHY to name just a few.


Common to all was the rigorous interrogation and inclusive involvement of each BrandQuest client to the outcome.