How an Enterprising Heart galvanises 1000 global staff to a core essence

Published On
March 24, 2024

Your unique Brand Essence represents the “heart and soul” of your brand.

It’s the one intangible - beyond product, service or price – that really makes your company ‘tick’.

Your Brand Essence is an internal driver of culture – usually encapsulated in two, or maybe three words, but never more. And is best expressed as “adjective/noun.”

Con Kittos, Chairman of ASURIA

Importantly, your Brand Essence does NOT become the brand tagline or slogan – although it can help inform the tagline - it must be authentic and come directly from your company’s embedded culture and Brand Story. Your Brand Essence drives behaviour and response (internal and external), it can be at the core of product or service developments and should even help inform hiring (and sometimes ‘firing’) decisions. BrandQuest developed the brand essence for their client Asuria – a global employment organisation - that is now inculcated throughout their global workforce. For their client Asuria – a global employment organisation - BrandQuest developed the brand essence that is now inculcated throughout their global workforce.


When these two words were first presented to our client it came as a revelation BUT NOT a surprise – as it truly reflected their embedded historical culture and Brand Story. It had just never been crystallised into two memorable words!

The ASURIA brand is Australia-wide with global offices in Sweden, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and more than 1000 staff. As Chairman, Con Kittos explains: “Well, one of the strengths BrandQuest brought to us was your ability to help us understand the essence of our existing brand. You see, BrandQuest didn;t just tell us what we already knew. We already knew what we stood for. But Brandquest was able to distil our essence down into just two key words: ENTERPRISING HEART. And enterprising heart has formed a platform that enables us to communicate and brand our culture globally. And brand and culture for us is one and the same thing. Our brand represents our culture and the culture is a mirror of our brand.”

Every organisation has a Brand Essence – some remain undiscovered and latent, yet when revealed and inculcated within an organisation, the Brand Essence can become a potent addition to your cultural and commercial success. As part of an underpinning brand strategy, BrandQuest has developed over 150 Brand Essence statements for their Clients.

Could your management and staff benefit from being galvanised around just two words?